LetterblockHi, my name is Henk. I’m an adventurer from the Netherlands who walked from England to Rome, kayaked the Mississippi River from source to sea, biked from Holland to Istanbul, and spent several months leading pack horses across the wilderness of Canada.

I also slept in graveyards, ate raw eggs, posed naked for a group of gay men, was chased by a pack of feral dogs in Romania, and found a secret community at the end of the world.

For five years I’ve walked, hitchhiked, and adventured around the world thinking I had found my calling. But through a series of events I discovered that at the centre of almost all my decisions was a need to seek approval from others.

Now I’ve started the greatest adventure of all: I’m journeying inside to discover who I really want to be.

On this website you can follow my continuing adventures in the real world, but also read about my pursuits to be the best person I can be.

I’m sharing myself openly with the world for my own clarity, but also so others can benefit from the lessons I learn along the way.

I believe by being vulnerable, and sharing yourself freely, you’re forced to upgrade your thinking, and accept your faults, insecurities, and mishaps. And this in turn creates true confidence.

You could say this website is my unique form of self-therapy.