Waikato Challenge

  • Start Date November 2015
  • Distance 250 Kilometers
  • Start point Atiamuri Dam
  • Finish point Tasman Sea
  • Length 21 days

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The Waikato Challenge

The Waikato Challenge is the attempt to swim 250 kilometers on the longest river of New Zealand: the Waikato river. Supported by a team of paddlers I will swim for 21 days from Atiamuri dam to the Tasman Sea.

The swim is dedicated to raising money for Future Light Children's Home who shelter burmese child refugees, but are in desperate need of our help.

Check out the map for more information.

A Personal Journey

I'm turning 30 this year, and find myself somewhat out of shape. I've always promised myself that the best shape of my life is still ahead of me, and Now is time to live up to that promise and become the fittest I've ever been in my life. To prove this to myself I will conquer the river.

There is another, more personal reason behind this challenge. Despite all the new experiences and growth that I’ve gone through these past 4 years, I haven't found the happiness I expected to find. To be honest, My adventures haven’t been as fulfilling as they once were.

Until now my journeys never had any greater purpose than the adventure itself. I want that to change. I want them to mean something more. Be about more than just me.

Burmese Child Refugees

In my recent travels I’ve heard about a children’s home on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. In the next few months I will visit these children, en volunteer at their children's home.

These child refugees from Myanmar are the tragic outcome of the civil conflict in their country. The UN doesn’t recognize them as refugees, and so they are left to fend for themselves. Without identities or any form of papers they cannot be adopted, and don’t have a very bright future.

39 of these children have found refuge at the Future light Children’s home just outside Mae Sot, Thailand..

However, the home is struggling, it’s getting harder and harder to provide enough vitamins and nutrients on their very strict budget.

Follow the Adventure

The swim is dedicate to these children, and I hope that we can help them to a brighter future together.

In the process I hope to find a new sense of purpose in my life, and reignite my thirst for adventure.

I hope you’ll follow me as I get back in shape, and prepare my body for this extreme challenge. Among other things I’ll be training with Shaolin warriors, joining a muay thai fighting camp, and swimming in every local river that I come across.

I feel like this might be a whole new chapter in my life, I hope you are as excited as I am to start this journey, and to experience the power of giving.

Let the adventure begin!