How it all started

I’ve always been known as a serial quitter, the guy who never finishes anything. I quit two universities, a wrestling team, the Dutch Marine Corps, and many other things.

In 2011 I reinvented myself and went off on all sorts of adventures around the world to prove to myself and others that I can stick with something.

In the years that followed I walked from England to Rome, cycled from Holland to Istanbul, spent several months leading pack horses across the wilderness of Canada, and paddled the entire Mississippi river in a kayak in 110 days.

I slept in graveyards, ate raw eggs, walked across Spain thrice, was chased by feral dogs in Romania, and stood face to face with a grizzly bear in the Canadian wilderness.

However, even though I started my travels for these somewhat dysfunctional reasons, over time I discovered these adventures had a surprising benefit.

As I kept trying new things I slowly started to see myself as a different person. The kind of person that could do these things. I started to see myself as an adventurer.

I learnt that even though I might not be able to do something today, I can become the person that can.


By constantly trying new things.

TEDx Fryslan - 2017

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