Aside from traveling the world in search of adventure, I spend many hours developing my close-up magic skills.

My fascination with close-up magic started almost ten years ago, when a young boy showed me a magic trick way beyond anything I had ever seen before.

Throughout the years I’ve continued to hone my skills, and now it’s time to share my mastery of trickery and deceit with the world.

During my world travels magic has been an invaluable tool to instantly connect with anyone from any culture. Magic transcends the barriers of language and culture because it let’s us reconnect with our childhood imagination.

Over the last ten years I’ve performed at festivals, events, restaurants, and children’s parties. I can help make your event stand out, create lasting memories, and get people talking for years to come.

I offer magic shows, walk-around entertainment, and workshops (where you learn magic yourself).

Check out the promo video if you want to see a little bit of magic!

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