In between my bigger adventures I do all kinds smaller adventures & travels.
Here’s a list of all my other travels and micro adventures.

It starts with videos made during my early travel days, and leads all up to my most recent travels.

I taught myself to film and edit, and so you can also see how my film and edit skills evolved over the years.

Hitchhiking across Europe

It all started when I hitchhiked from my then appartment in Groningen, The Netherlands to the French/Spanish border. I took me only a couple of days, and this first experience with hitchhiking really restored my faith in the kindness of humans.

Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

Right after that I walked a almost 800 kilometers pilgrimage across Spain. During this time I met many people for all walks of life. This was really the first adventure that thought me that traveling is all about the people you meet.

Journey into the Sahara

Together with Rick and Paul we went on a hike into the Sahara on our own. After joining a tour we figured we might as well go by ourselves. We walked for about 10 kilometers and found it was very hard to navigate in the desert.

Living on an Island

After the Sahara I met up with Rebecca, my then girlfriend whom I'd met on the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Together we were planning on building a hut on a small island off the coast of Bali. Unfortunately, I ended sleeping there only a couple of nights because my gear was stolen.

What if you could travel the world?

Not everyone likes to travel, but if you do like to travel, and find yourself coming up with reasons why you can't. Watch this video! I put this video together to inspire other travelers, and to show that there are many different reasons people say they can't travel. However, often these are just limiting beliefs.

Christmas in Australia

After the island experience, I joined Rebecca with her family in Australia. Saw kangaroos, had BBQ's, and got to see the Australian outback for the first time. When you travel it really becomes clear how seemingly random encounters completely change your path in life. If I hadn't been met Rebecca in Spain I would never have gone to Australia, and wouldn't have spent so much time there as I have in the past years.

Working in Australia

As my money was running low, I set out to find a job in Australia. I ended up finding a whole range of jobs from being a naked model to working on farms and in wineries. I also got to experience living in hostel with a whole cast of characters. Good times.

The Kosciuszko Expedition

During the weekend I and a group of colleagues in Australia decided to hike up the highest mountain in Australia. Mt. Kosciusko. You can reach the top in less then a day, and anyone with a reasonable fitness can do it. It's still one of the seven summits however, so it's nice achievement!

A day as a Wrangler

While working in Australia I met Troy. Together with friends we got to spend a day helping him work on his ranch. He herded the sheep, and learnt how to shear them. At he ranch we also met Troy's dog, an Australian Kelpie. I definitely want one of these dogs one day!

Roadtrip across Australia

After finishing up work in Australia it was time to hit the road again. With a group of friend we traveled across Australia and had blast! Our road trip lasted for 3 weeks, and we drove our trusted Land-cruiser called "Rodney."

Hitchhiking Australia

My friends from the road trip continued on to Thailand, but I decided I was going to try my luck hitchhiking across Australia. It took me 10 days to cover 4000 kilometers. After 3 days I was stuck at a gas station in the middle of nowhere for 2 days.

Mongolia: A sons and father adventure

I was time to explore Northern Asia. Together my dad and brother Hans, we traversed Mongolia in a car. The problem was, there are no road in Mongolia. We ate almost exclusively noodles because there were practically no restaurants along our route. A beautiful journey through the untouched lands of the nomads.

Traveling on the Trans Siberia Express

After Mongolia my father and I decided to take the Trans Siberia Express. We had first class tickets because they weren't too expensive at the time. Big mistake! As we now had our own space on the train. The real experience is in joining the Russians the big sleep factory wagons, where they gamble and drink wodka all day. We still saw a little of this, but I'm convinced the real Trans Siberian experience lies in joining the Russian in the third class wagon.

Anyone can travel the world

During another visit to Australia I met several other travelers, and together we decided to paddle down parts of the Murray River, the longest river of Australia. During this video everyone talks about their travels and thoughts on the art of traveling

Wilderness Training in Canada

Because I want to do an adventure on horseback, I decided to work in Canada as a Wilderness Guide. During this time I learnt all about riding horses on extreme terrains, and how to take care of horses in the wild. I'm excited to take a horse into the wild on my own!