"Henk enthralled our audiences at the Killarney Mountain Festival recounting his mind blowing adventure across Europe and the Middle-East, with no money. Henk is animated and funny as well as being truly inspirational. We loved his energy and the raw truth of the highs and lows of the challenge he took upon himself."
Maureen Hegarty
Killarney Mountain Festival
"Henk was our Outside Insight guest speaker at Poppulo this month. Returning due to popular demand. Henk is a very personable guy, down to earth and funny. We loved Henk's honesty as he energised the room with his story and would highly recommend him as a keynote speaker."
Margaret Lynch
"Henk's light-hearted, fun and informative talks about his unique adventures will keep you hanging off the edge of your seat, eager to hear more."
Daniel Beaumont
"Henk told us the enthusiastic story of how he challenged himself to do the impossible. We saw a confident young man who shared his transformational journey in an original way. Educational and entertaining for young and old. Henk will show you that there's more inside each and everyone one of us then you'd expect. We recommend Henk as a speaker without reservation."
Theo Euverman
SAK Society
"When you see Henk you would say he's just an ordinary guy, but when he starts talking about all the things he did you'll be instantly amazed. He's able to show you that your dreams can come true and that everything is possible when you really want it!"
Arjen Banach
Speaker & TEDx Scout
"Henk provided a fascinating, thought provoking and very inspiring talk about how to deal with setbacks in life. The feedback we received was incredible!"
Imelda Westcott Kennedy
Bandon Toastmasters
"Henk was our featured speaker at the Against All Odds conference in Cork. His passion and enthusiasm for trying new things made him very popular with our audience. He tells his story with humour, intrigue, and simplicity."
Philip O Byrne